Product Design

Design is eating code, even as software eats the world

I just shared a post I’d been thinking about for several years. I’ve included the intro below but the full post is on UX Collective.

It’s been almost ten years since Marc Andreessen said, “Software is eating the world.”

At the time, coding was indispensable

The cost of hosting and scaling a product had plummeted (thanks to cloud hosting and related services), so having your own servers was no longer necessary. That went a long way toward democratizing product-building… but you still needed to know how to code or money to pay developers.

But now design is eating code

Product design today lets builders go faster and further before ever requiring code. It is driving the no-code movement, but it is also bigger than that.

The process of building a digital product (past vs. present)

In building a website or app, only a few early steps used to fall under the “design” category — followed by a much lengthier coding process. Today design can get you much further… in some cases, depending on complexity, all the way to the finish line.

Read the full post on UX Collective