As an analyst, I research, advise, and speak about how businesses can take advantage of disruptive technologies and changing consumer behaviors (for marketing, customer service, loyalty, innovation, etc.).

I focus on customer identity and personalization, and am knowledgeable of a wide variety of marketing and advertising technologies. This includes:
– Marketing automation
– Email marketing
– Customer identity management
– Cross-channel marketing
– Lifecycle and LTV marketing
– Digital advertising (PPC, CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, etc.)
– Social media management
– Social identity and data
– Social/native advertising
– Targeting and retargeting (e.g. custom / lookalike audiences)

My work with brands includes strategic advisory and technology selection.

Work with technology vendors includes thought leadership, product management, product roadmap, positioning and product marketing strategy.

To view past work, visit the Altimeter Group archives (now a part of Prophet), or VentureBeat Insight, for both reports and articles.

If you are interested in briefing me or working with me, please contact me at andrew [at]