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SaaS loops next product

SaaS, Loops, and Aggregation: How Some Companies “Morph” and Unlock Access to New Billion Dollar Problems

This post was recently published on Medium. Just as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, some companies are capable of incredible transformation. At their start, they address a seemingly small or straightforward problem. But, in solving that problem, they unlock access to a greater one—building a more critical and profitable product in a bigger addressable market. […]

Redesigning began as a side project. I wanted to learn some new skills, improve others and, more than anything, test an idea. When I started, I worked nights and weekends and progress was relatively slow. But when it turned out that people were interested in the project, I made a concerted effort to improve and […]

Startup Lessons Learned

As background, here are some details about local news and the startup I worked on. This was the first product I truly built. I’ve advised on many others (a combination of B2B/SaaS and consumer), but typically at a higher level, like feature prioritization based on market/user research. I was never involved with the ongoing building process before. Here, I was […]

Local News is at a Crossroads

Local news. For me, it evokes a certain vision of a few generations ago – a time when everyone got the newspaper on their porch and neighbors talked to each other. During the 1960s, newspaper penetration was over 90%. By the 1990s it was under 50%. Today it is 25%. More efficient ad-targeting from Google […]