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Framework: Today’s Marketing Process and “Marketing Cloud” Technology Platform

Modern Marketing Framework: Process & Technology  Know  Engage Data from Interaction Each customer interaction is a point to learn about him. Most of this data is in a silo, though. Next is to unify it with Customer Identity. Relevant Content Identity sets the stage for creating personalized content. As companies move from a limited number […]

Improving Customer Targeting and Personalization Through Social Identity

This post originally appeared in Social Media Today and on Brian Solis’s blog. Modern marketing is about more than just informing prospects and customers about products, but building relationships with them. The contextual insight available in social media offers marketers an opportunity to better know and engage audiences with compelling, personalized content and experiences across […]

Will a “Marketing Cloud” help coordinate efforts and drive efficiency?

Originally published on the Altimeter Group blog Marketing technology and departments have become specialized and fragmented. Just look at the Marketing Technology Lumascape or ChiefMarTech graphic. In part, this has happened to address an increasingly complex customer journey that is difficult to track across channels and devices. Another reason is that, although that journey offers […]