Author: Andrew Jones

Embedding a String

Here’s an embedded string cover, which is the default embed method. You can enter it and see the moments inside. It’s super easy to copy and paste the embed code (you can see for yourself, just click on the string and then click the … at the bottom). Tanzania safari 2015 Right now, the string […]

Building Product at Cole

The Cole Group is an executive recruiting firm that places CMOs and CROs at high-growth, VC-backed companies. I previously led product there. When I was first approached about a job, it was to address a specific challenge: clients were often slow to make a hire. Few CEOs have made such an important hire before and, […]

Redesigning began as a side project. I wanted to learn some new skills, improve others and, more than anything, test an idea. When I started, I worked nights and weekends and progress was relatively slow. But when it turned out that people were interested in the project, I made a concerted effort to improve and […]