I was designing and coding from an early age, but product research, planning, and coordination is what I’m most passionate about.

I value user empathy, design thinking, and lean development and my experience includes product management, UX research, industry/market research, and business consulting.

I’m a proud father (two boys and one shikoku) and husband. I love tech, traveling, soccer, and reading (mostly fantasy and sci-fi). I speak German and Spanish and previously served in the Peace Corps. You can reach me at andrew [at] andrewmjones.com.

Before moving into product management, I worked as an industry analyst focused largely on B2B SaaS marketing technology, including personalization, A/B testing, and social media marketing.

I provided research-based advisory to companies including Salesforce, Adobe, Google, and many smaller vendors. I also worked with brands like Southwest Airlines, Toyota, and Cisco Systems.

Below are a few examples of my writing and speaking as an analyst. Articles I wrote for VentureBeat can be found here.

Speaking (links):

Reports/White papers (embeds):